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This Week In Doom Ep. 6 - Bennett Tomlin & George Noble FULL EPISODE

May 24, 2022

On the sixth episode of This Week In Doom, Doomberg and I turn our attention to the world of cryptocurrencies — or rather, stablecoins — in the wake of the recent collapse of Terra/Luna and the astonishing spectacle of a $60 billion meltdown.

Joining us are two high profile critics of the crypto space, Bennett Tomlin and George Noble. Bennett and his co-host Cas Piancey have been at the forefront of thoughtful criticism of the cryptoverse with their excellent podcast, Crypto Critics Corner, while George has taken the bit between his teeth on behalf of Wall Street and become an Establishment lightning rod determined to force regulators into action.

As always, the subject leads to raised voices and inflamed passions but... would you want it any other way?

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