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The End Game Ep. 36 - Ed Chancellor PREVIEW

September 12, 2022

In the latest episode of The End Game, Bill and Grant welcome author and financial historian non-pareil, Edward Chancellor back to talk about his new book The Price Of Time.

During his first appearance on The End Game, Ed teased us with a book he was in the process of wrapping up which would chronicle the history of interest rates and tell the story of the cost of money over the course of history.

Now, with the book appearing on multiple bestseller lists, Ed joins us to discuss what he learned as he trawled through the history books in search of a story that really is as old as time itself. From biblical times to the modern day malaise engulfing the world’s central banks as they battle the unintended consequences of a decade of artificial interest rates, Ed spins a story that has to be heard and needs to be understood.

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