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The End Game Ep. 32 - Judy Shelton PREVIEW

June 5, 2022

In the latest episode of The End Game, Bill Fleckenstein and I have the great privilege of welcoming Judy Shelton to the podcast for a discussion that helps place one of the key missing pieces into the puzzle we’ve been attempting to assemble – the honest and frank perspective of a central banking insider.

After her nomination to the board of the Federal Reserve by President Donald Trump in 2018, Judy’s appalling treatment at her Senate confirmation hearings demonstrated the very worst of partisan politics at an incredibly toxic time in America.

A letter signed by 100 economists, including seven Nobel laureates, opposing her appointment suggests, to me, at least, that she would have been the perfect person to bring necessary change to an institution whose many failings are becoming more apparent by the day.

Judy’s openness, insight and willingness to discuss the practicalities and limitations of modern-day central banking in this conversation are a breath of fresh air and worthy of our deepest respect and gratitude.

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