The Grant Williams Podcast

Super Terrific Happy Hour Ep. 12 - F-Bombs

July 25, 2021

The Super Terrific Happy Hour returns with Steph Pomboy up a mountain in bear country contemplating all kinds of fascinating data points and dissecting them in her own inimitable way.

The conversation is filled with F-bombs as Grant and Steph ponder a cornucopia of topics from fundamentals to ‘flations to the Fed, froth and flawlessness (or lack of it).

Steph busts out some remarkable stats that will have you scratching your head as you watch markets look through the reality and embrace the fantasy that all is well and there’s nothing to worry about.

The housing market comes under the microscope as does the vital importance of the investing public embracing the idea that inflation is ‘transitory’. There’s something for everyone in this edition of the Super Terrific Happy Hour so dive on in...

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