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The Grant Williams Podcast Ep. 34 - Tarric Brooker PREVIEW

May 30, 2022

My guest in this edition of The Grant Williams Podcast is Tarric Brooker, an Aussie analyst who has become a must-follow for me and I think anyone interested in better understanding Australian politics, markets and, of course, the country’s fabled housing bubble.

Tarric and I spoke on the eve of the Australian general election – an event in which the incumbent Liberal PM, Scott Morrison was unceremoniously ousted in favour of Labor’s Anthony Albanese (or ‘Albo’ to Aussie voters!!).

The one thing that both parties have in common is an unhealthy desire to make sure the property market doesn’t crash - however, this time around, with inflation tying the RBA’s hands, the incoming Premier may not have things all his own way...

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