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The Grant Williams Podcast: David Dorr, Coro Global, Dorr Asset Management - PREVIEW

July 19, 2021

Recently, my journey of understanding has taken me into a few shady corners of the cryptocurrrency universe and this week, I make my last foray into that world (for the time being, at least) as I talk to David Dorr, co-Founder of Coro Global and Dorr Asset management and a man who gave me so much to think about in this enormously engaging conversation.

David explains why the way in which the U.S. correspondent banking system works is perhaps the most underestimated facet of the crypto space, why he believes ‘tokens are broken’, the likelihood that bitcoin will soon be obsolete (though something transformative will rise from its ashes) and the promise offered by tokenless Distributed Ledger Technology.

David’s combination of knowledge, experience and skepticism is tremendously powerful and what he has to say will, I suspect, captivate you the same way it did me.

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