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The Grant Williams Podcast: Luke Gromen - FULL EPISODE

March 12, 2022

My guest in the latest episode of The Grant Williams Podcast is my good friend, Luke Gromen, publisher of Forest For The Trees.

With events in Ukraine happening at breakneck speed, the moves by Western nations to isolate Russia through a series of escalating sanctions have revealed weaknesses in the global financial system that bring into sharp focus a set of dominos Luke has been lining up for a number of years.

The dollar's place at the heart of the financial system is now under serious threat after the sanctions placed on Russia's central bank have fired a warning shot across the bow of every other central bank in the world.

What does this mean for gold? Oil? Bond markets? Currencies? Luke lays it all out in brilliant fashion as he explains why the moves of the last two weeks have changed the financial world as we know it forever.

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